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History of Lakewood Gardens


Lakewood Gardens was built in 1946-1947 by a developer named Paul Trousdale. It is bounded on the north by Ashworth Street, on the east of Lakewood Boulevard, on the south by South Street, and on the west by Hayter Avenue. There are 452 homes in this area.


At the corner of  Lakewood 

Boulevard  and Ashworth Street Mr. Trousdale built a clubhouse and a small swimming pool for use by the residents during the construction and sales period.  Upon completion of the project, Mr. Trousdale gave the residents the choice of owning and operating the clubhouse and facilities or deeding it over to the  County of  Los Angeles  .  Ameeting of the residents resulted in the decision to retain clubhouse and the Association was formed as a non-profit corporation 501(c)4, operated by elected representatives andvolunteers. The necessary papers were drawn and on January 1, 1948, the Lakewood Gardens Civic Gardens was created.  The first mayor of Lakewood, Angelo Iacoboni, was a resident-member of Lakewood Gardens Civic Association.


Membership has always been on an optional basis, with a small initiation fee, plus monthly dues and a great deal of effort on the part of those who volunteer to keep it functioning. 


In 1952 we became a part of the City of 

Lakewood, but still retained our individuality by remaining Lakewood  property and to operate it as a non-profit corporation.   

Each year, in January, the Association holds its Annual Election and Meeting, at which time a slate of officers and board members is elected to serve as a Board of Directors to guide the activities of the group and to maintain the clubhouse premises.   Swimming is extremely popular to our members during summer months, and they bring their families in to enjoy the patio-furnished 1/4 Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Other member activities might include potlucks, card parties, pancake breakfasts, dinners for special occasions, fundraisers of one sort or another, and movie & game nights.

Community activities include: Blood Drives, Polling Place for local/state/federal elections, and events that are open to everyone in the community such as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Costume Parade & Party, and Project Shepard food drive.

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